Volume! Associazione Culturale Francesco Nucci, Rome, Italy

Temporary site specific installation. Duration: 3 months

Softwood, Plywood, Paint

“The fragmentary and rough nature of the rooms prevent a unitary, organic view of the environment. Langlands & Bell ingeniously construct an ellipse which running back over the rectangular conformation of the perimeter inundates and fills each imperfection and the rough heterogeneity of the walls and every protruberance and tilt of the floor. The height of the elliptic construction, based on the level of the human eye, increases where the floor tilts downward thereby stressing it’s irregular shape. The spectator is more or less gripped in a fluid, hypnotic embrace which contains and sustains him throughout his entire itinerary”

Mario Codognato, Volume, Langlands & Bell, Volume! Associazione Culturale Francesco Nucci, Rome, Italy