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Paris Metro / T3 Tramway Interchange, Porte de Vincennes, Paris.

Fritted Optiwhite glass, stainless steel, intelligent LEDs and associated electronics

Two glass “cubes” forming the entrances to the Metro, together with the glass canopies of the T3 tram platforms are interactive, phased to change colour through blue, white and pink, with the arrival and departure of the trams. During bright daylight the twin wall construction of fritted glass creates a shimmering moiré effect.

Designed by Langlands & Bell in association with Ar.Theme Associés and Xelis for the RATP and the Public Commission of the Tramway T3.

Curated by Christian Bernard, MAMCO, Geneva, and Nathalie Viot, Mairie de Paris.

Photos: Richard Wilding

T3 Artwork walking tour