Interviews (Selected)

Marcus Fairs
It’s amazing how things flip from utopia to dystopia
20 April 2022

Annabelle Selldorf
Ideas of UtopiaLanglands & Bell in conversation with Annabelle Selldorf
Charleston Press #6
Charleston, East Sussex, UK
1 April 2022

Jude Brandford-Sackey
Langlands & Bell : The Past is Never Dead… 
Judes List, Accra, Ghana
31 May 2021, 18:00

Harriet Lloyd-Smith
At Home with Artists Langlands & Bell
Wallpaper Magazine On-Line
18 May 2020

Owen Hopkins
Degrees of Truth
Degrees of Truth, exhibition catalogue
Sir John Soane’s Museum, London

Rebecca Anne Proctor
On Beauty and Violence
Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Dubai
March 2019

Martin Kennedy & Veronica Simpson
We like to be catapulted into the unknown: we like a challenge
Studio International, UK
27 March 2018

Hans-Michael Herzog
A Very Manipulative Business
Internet Giants : Masters of the Universe, exhibition catalogue
Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
March 2018

Harry Laughland
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Infinite Loop, exhibition catalogue
Alan Cristea Gallery, London
April 2017

Brainard Carey
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Museum of Non-Visible Art
Yale University Radio
28 October 2016

Andrew Tuck and Tom Hall
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Monocle Radio
9 October 2016

Richard Cork
Langlands & Bell
Face to Face: Interviews with Artists
Tate Publishing 2015
(Transcript of an interview recorded at the Architectural Association, London, 2001)
pp 160 – 171 [ill]

View original interview live at AA School, London, 25 May 2001

Rob Gregory
The Dilemma of the Architectural Model: Between Utility and Contemplation
Atlas of the Unbuilt World, exhibition catalogue pp 28 – 29 [ill]
The Bartlett School of Architecture, London. Presented by the British Council
7 – 21 June 2013

NP James
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Interviews-Artists, Volume 2: Recordings 2010
April, 2010

Brendan Davis
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Art Interview Online Magazine
Issue 17
22nd October 2010

Ana Finel-Honigman
Not Specifically Political – A Conversation with Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell
Sculpture Magazine
June 2006
Vol.25 No.5 pp30-35 [ill]

Mario Flecha
London Dossier- El Dia Sigiuente al Septiembre 11 y La Guerra en Afganistan
Atlantica Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, Las Canarias, Spain
N35 Summer 2003 pp81-91 Spanish and English [ill]

Adrian Dannatt
Mapping The Networks of Power
New York Diary Artists Interview
The Art Newspaper N.139 September 2003 [ill]

Marco Livingstone
Built Environments
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Tate Magazine, London, Spring 2002 [ill]

Akiko Miyake, Nobuo Nakamura
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Lets Talk About Art
CCA Centre For Contemporary Art Kitakyushu / Korinsha Press, Japan, 1997 [ill]

Emiko Kato
Langlands & Bell
Artists Interview
BT/Bijutsu Techo (Tokyo) Vol 50, N761, 1998, Sept, pp 123-128 [ill]

Dr Hans-Michael Herzog
Interview with the Artists Langlands & Bell
Serpentine Gallery, London, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Grey Art Gallery, New York, 1996. catalogue pp 131-134

Dominique Boudou
Langlands & Bell
L’Architecture Entre Objet D’Art et Objet De Reference
Parachute No. 75, Aout-Sept, 1994. pp 4-9 [ill]

Adrian Dannatt
Architecture as Logo
Interview with Langlands & Bell
Flash Art, 1991, Nov-Dec, pp 108-111 [ill]