Articles (Selected)

Beth Williamson
Ideas of Utopia, Near Heaven, and Absent Artists
Studio International 25 April 2022

Mario Flecha
Afghan Diary
Perro Negro Magazine 5 September 2021

Rebecca Anne Proctor
Why The Past is Never Dead, Langlands & Bell at Gallery 1957, Accra, Ghana
Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art
July 2021

Will Wiles
They show where the bodies are buried – Langlands & Bell at the Soane
Apollo Magazine 9 November 2020

Simon Ings
Artist Duo Move the Furniture
Financial Times 30 September 2020

Harriet Lloyd-Smith
At Home with Artists Langlands & Bell
Wallpaper Magazine On-Line 18 May 2020

Christopher Turner
The Dungeons are decorated with wreaths left by Slaves Descendants
Apollo Magazine 3 December 2019

Edwin Heathcote
Strangeness of the Exploding Doughnut
The Financial Times, 10 May 2017

Olly Wainwright
Langlands & Bell: The Artists Storming Silicon Valley’s Fortresses
The Guardian, 26 April 2017

TF Chan, Leon Chew
Cyber Space
Langlands & Bell Explore the new Architecture of the Tech Titans
Wallpaper, 25 April 2017

Caroline Bouchier, Romas Foord
State of the Art
The Times on Saturday Magazine, 20 June 2015

Langlands & Bell
Picture This ‘The House of Osama Bin Laden’
Index on Censorship, The Art Issue, October 2011

Rob Bevan
The presence of Bin Laden’s hideout creates a dilemma for Pakistan
Architectural Review, June 2011

Doris Lockhart, Christoffer Rudquist, John Pawson
Natural Order
Wallpaper Magazine, May 2011

Alexander Barakat
Conceptual Architectural Representations of the Arab World: The Artwork of Langlands & Bell
Muraqqa, October 2009

Karel Ankerman
Monumentale Middelen – Smart Architecture: Langlands & Bell
Kunst Beeld (Netherlands), June 2009

Ros Weaver
Wall & Weft, Architectural Design: Langlands & Bell
Modern Carpets & Textiles, April 2009

Kevin Haas
Authentic Experience: Multiplicity and Dislocation in Printmaking and Contemporary Culture
Art on Paper, Nov / Dec 2008

Susan Mansfield
Langlands & Bell: Films & Animations 1978-2008
The Scotsman, 24th November 2008

Chitra Ramaswamy
Make Mine a Double
Scotland on Sunday, 26th October 2008

Dominic Lutyens, Beth Evans
Home is Where the Art is
Observer Magazine, 16th March 2008

Langlands & Bell
A Muse Um
Very Magazine, 2nd February 2008

Langlands & Bell
Limited Edition Cover Design
Wallpaper Magazine, 12th December 2006

Rowan Kerek
Turner nominees blur boundaries in Milton Keynes, 23rd June 2005

Derek Walker
A multi-channel experience
Building Design, 17th June 2005

Jean Wainwright
Plunged in a Stream – Langlands & Bell
Art & Architecture, June 2005

Langlands & Bell
Paperback writer
The Guardian, 28th May 2005

Brigid Grauman
Virtual Trip around a city’s secrets
Financial Times, 20th April 2005

Daniel Couvrer
Le palais virtuel de Charles Quint
Le Soir (Bruxelles) 14th April 2005

Sarah McFadden
A river runs through it
The Bulletin (Brussels) 14th April 2005

Nica Broucke
British kunstenaars dompelen in een stroom
De Morgen (Brusel), 13th April 2005

Lillian Davies
Turner Prize 2004
Untitled, Spring 2005

Andrea Solano
Bin Laden es su anfinitron
Tiempos del Mundo, 10th February 2005

Virginia Pérez-Ratton
Dondé estå la casa de Osama bin Laden?
La Nacion, 6th February 2005

Doriam Diaz
Miradas agudas a un conflicto
La Nacion, 26th January 2005

Mohammed Faheem Dashty
The House of Osama bin Laden
Kabul Weekly, 27th October 2005

Karel Ankerman
De Prijs en de Kunst van de Controverse
Het Financieele Dagblad, NL, 30th October 2004 [ill]

Sarah Kent
Afghans Hounded
Time Out, 24th November 2004

Michael Glover
Dog Bites the Dust
The Times T2, 20th October 2004

Vanessa Thorpe & John Wilson
M’lud, I find this work of art to be in contempt
The Observer, 17th October 2004

Regina Gleeson
Terrorist Culture
Visual Artist’s News Sheet, October 2004

Paul Glinkowski
The art of conflict
A-N Magazine, September 2004

Alison Roberts
Making Osama into art
Evening Standard, 4th June 2004

Langlands & Bell
Travels in al-Qaida Country
The Guardian G2 Arts, 20 May 2004 [ill]

Rachel Taylor
Langlands & Bell, The House of Osama bin Laden
Contemporary No.52 Summer 2003 [ill]

Langlands & Bell
Afghan Diary
Untitled No. 30, Summer 2003 [ill]

Richard Cork
Inside The House of Osama bin Laden
The Times T2, 15 April 2003 [ill]

Lynn Macritchie
At Home – but no Osama
Financial Times Weekend, 12 April 2003 [ill]

Charlotte Edwards
Roll Up: Bin Laden’s house – now an interactive game
The Independent on Sunday, 6 April 2003 [ill]

Alex Bagner
At Home with Osama
Wallpaper, April 2003 [ill]

Sean O’Hagan
The man who wasn’t there
The Observer Review, 30 March 2003 [ill]

Louise Rimmer
The Art of War
Scotland on Sunday (The Scotsman) The Review, 19 May 2002 [ill]

Catherine Milner
Conceptual blood and guts
Sunday Telegraph Review, Arts, 21 April 2002 [ill]

Michael Stanley
Seamless Collaboration
a-n Magazine September 2002 [ill]

Marco Livingstone
Built Environments
Tate Magazine London, Spring 2002 [ill]

Alyssa Warren de Matheus
Modernism Undone
Surface 2001, Summer No.30 [ill]

Chris Westbrook
Archeology by Design, The Art of Langlands & Bell
Art & Architecture, N54 [ill]

Johanna Lenander
Construction Site
Dutch, May / June 2000 [ill]

Doris Lockhart-Saatchi
Camera Obscura (Langlands & Bell with H. Sugimoto)
Blueprint, July / August 1999 [ill]

Dinah Hall
Joined at the Cerebellum
The Independent on Sunday Review, 4 April 1999 [ill]

Mark Gisbourne
Langlands & Bell
Contemporary Visual Art, April 1997 [ill]

Ester Coen
Rinascimento Siciliano
La Republicca, 1996 Nov 2 [ill]

Rowan Moore
All human Life is Here
Blueprint, May 1996 [Profile] [ill]

Adrian Searle
This is the Model World
The Guardian, April 1996 [ill]

Adrian Dannatt
Bricks and Mortals
Sunday Times Magazine, March 31 1996 [ill]

Jean-Marc Huitorel
Langlands & Bell l’Impossible Representation
Art Press, No.211, March 1996 pp 26-29 [ill]

Jerome Beyler
Citations de Architectures
Exposé, No.2, May 1995 pp 166-175 [ill]

Andrew Wilson
The Place of Architecture in the Work of Keith Coventry, Langlands & Bell and Stephen Willatts
Forum International, vol. IV N.16 Jan/Feb 1993 [ill]

Julia Peyton Jones, Bartomeu Mari
Like Nothing Else In Tennessee Exhibition Feature
Art & Design, Vol. 7 N. 112 Jan/Feb 1992 [ill]

Andrew Benjamin
Material Events: The Work of Langlands & Bell
Art & Design, Jan/Feb 1992 [ill]

Adrian Dannatt
Art Work / Part Work
Building Design, May 18 1990 [ill]