Langlands & Bell on Richard Hamilton

RicharHamilton: Towards a Definitive Statement

Cristea Roberts Gallery
8 January – 19 February 2021

“We’ve often looked at Five Tyres Remoulded by Hamilton and always liked it. We have a lot of respect for his approach and admire his works of social observation like the Kent State series, or his three diptychs about the conflict in Northern Ireland: The citizenThe subjectThe state. What was also so interesting about him, something we relate to very strongly, is that he didn’t really acknowledge boundaries between design, art and architecture. To him aesthetic disciplines were a unity. He also loved new technology, he loved the physical beauty of it, just using it, and the promise it holds.

With our work Infinite Loop we were formally inspired by Five Tyres Remoulded and simultaneously highlighting an awareness, a thread of affinity connecting the sleek design ethos of Apple’s products and Norman Foster’s new Apple Park, with Hamilton’s critical socio-aesthetic vision of design and technology – as also evidenced in his seminal definition of Pop (art) in January 1957 – which could almost equally apply to today’s world of high-tech consumables…”

Infinite Loop
From Infinite Loop, 2016

Published by Alan Cristea / Cristea Roberts Gallery
Archival inkjet on 310gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright White paper
in four colour variants (cream / pale blue / green / red)
Paper and image 87.0 x 145.0 cm each
Each colour variant in an edition of 15