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Air Routes of Britain (Night & Day) 2000 appears in the Whitechapel Gallery’s Youth collective, Duchamp & Sons exhibition in Gallery 5 curated on-line with artworks selected from the Hiscox Collection.  The exhibition develops across two rooms: one explores ideas of home as a place of confinement and introspection; the other seeks to map home as a space where we project our fantasies and fragmented thoughts.

A scramble of lines and shapes blur a sense of visual clarity as I look at what appears as a mapping of constellations. These bright white lines score across depthless darkness bursting outwards from points in an explosion of light … Ellen

The journey we made when we were younger our hair not yet white against the black brought us to a new land … Samarra

These moments highlight the intangible infrastructure that surrounds people , just like the home.  Inaki

Air Routes of Britain (Night & Day) 2000 published by Alan Cristea Gallery