Financial Times

Strangeness of the Exploding Doughnut by Edwin Heathcote

Review of Langlands & Bell’s exhibition Infinite Loop at Alan Cristea Gallery, Pall Mall, London, from 27 April – 3 June 2017.
“Through meticulous models and photographs the artists explore the curious structures of Silicon Valley”

“The artists are certainly among the most astute observers of the way technology is transforming our view of architecture. Their virtual reconstruction of Osama bin Laden’s house in 2003 was an unsettling exploration of the sinister territory between forensic evidence, video gaming and military training models, while their installations at Heathrow Terminal 5 and Piccadilly Circus Underground station muse on the link between corporate abstractions and physical structures.

We have rapidly become used to seeing the world through a digital scrim. This show makes us think a little harder about the nature of the transformation, and the strange buildings in which it is being brought about.”

Edwin Heathcote, Architecture & Design Critic