Traces of Living


Beech, MDF, found objects, glass, AC lacquer

Installation: 92 x 520 x 61cm overall
Chairs: 92 x 45 x 45cm each
Tables 78 x 61 x 122cm each

… with the transparent and opaque membrane of glass and white wood dividing inside and outside Langlands & Bell create an incentive for one to traverse the architectural space defined by the bond between furniture and walls…establishing a union between agreeable and disagreeable space…..the individual who would, metaphorically, sit down at this table would eat or breath parts of cities, bite into ruins and corpses…..sitting down on a depository / archive space they would themselves be swallowed up and devoured as vestiges, ruins…..

Germano Celant, Langlands & Bell – The Transparency of Architecture, Serpentine Gallery / Kunsthalle Bielefeld / Grey Art Gallery, 1996

Installation view: Traces of Living, Interim Art, London, 1986

Photos: Edward Woodman