The House of Osama bin Laden


Interactive computer animation / data projection.

Fly-through extract.

The House of Osama bin Laden is a trilogy of artworks in the form of an interactive multi media installation made by the artists following a research visit to Afghanistan in October 2002. The central art work, which gives the trilogy it’s title, digitally recreates a house formerly occupied by bin Laden, as a basis for an exploration of the aftermath of September 11 and the western intervention in Afghanistan.

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Commissioned by the Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, London

Interactive animation made in association with V/SpaceLAB.

Digital artwork and video editing: Richard Wilding.

© Langlands & Bell with V/SpaceLAB for The House of Osama bin Laden

Tate Turner Prize

Winner, Interactive Arts Installation, 2004 BAFTA Awards, London