Negotiating Table


Wood, lacquer, glass, acrylic sheet

78 x 560 x 250cm

Negotiating Table was made in 1991 during the build up of events surrounding the first Gulf War in the Middle East. Although the elliptical design of the sculpture is loosely based on the conference table planned for the offices of the International Monetary Fund in Paris, it can be seen as an abstracted reference to currents of socio political idealism at times of international crisis.

Installation views:

Langlands & Bell: Surrounding Time, Chateau de Chambord, (Frac Région Centre), France, 1993
Seeing Round Corners, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK, 2016, Photo: Steve White
Langlands & Bell: Surrounding Time, La Criée Halle d’art contemporain, Rennes, France 1994
Langlands & Bell, Maureen Paley Interim Art, London, 1991, Photo: Prudence Cummings Assocs.
Negotiating Table maquette, Photo: Dan Matthews