Frozen Sky (Neon)


Neon and associated electronic components with artist’s data programme mounted on panel and powder coated aluminium frame

225 x 225 x 15cm

Frozen Sky is a digitally controlled sculpture of moving neon. The 45 three letter acronyms are the codes used by the air transport authorities to identify international destinations around the world.

Frozen Sky is a constellation of the worlds urban centres. Travel and communication, space and time, present and future, movement and light: a non-fiction abstraction mapping the persistent transience of contemporary urban life.

Installation views: Frozen Sky at Bloomberg New European Headquarters, London, 2017; Urban Codes, EAC, Mouans-Sartou, France, 2003;  Some Versions of Light Telephone Repeater Station, Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire, UK, 2004

Photos: James Newton, Anthony Oliver, Loz Atkinson