Design 1900 – Now
20th & 21st Century Gallery, V&A

Air Routes of the World (Night) 2001, has gone on display in the Data and Communication section of the V&A museum’s new 20th and 21st Century gallery, Design 1900 – Now, refitted for the ‘social justice’ era with an exhibition curated by Johanna Agerman Ross and Corinna Gardner. The exhibition showcases 250 objects from the V&A’s collections of 20th- and 21st-century art and design displayed across two galleries.

Instead of being organised purely chronologically as in the old 20th Century gallery displays are now arranged in themed sections. Automation and Labour covers the period until 1930; Housing and Living takes us up to just before the second world war; Crisis and Conflict runs through the postwar period; Consumption and Identity takes on the 60s and early 70s; Sustainability and Subversion stretches until the millennium; and Data and Communication runs from 2000 to the present day.

Air Routes of the World (Night & Day) 2001, published by Alan Cristea Gallery (Cristea Roberts Gallery), London.