Major Commissions

1997 – 2022

Title: Near Heaven

Date: 2022

Description: Installation in Vanessa Bell’s attic studio, Charleston, East Sussex, UK.

Materials: Acrylic mirror with MDF and softwood sub-structure; 2 x portrait busts of Virginia Woolf and Julia Stephen; pencil portrait on paper of Vanessa Bell by Duncan Grant, dated March 62; portrait of Vanessa Bell by L&B ‘VB by L&B’ March 2022, C type pigment print, reverse face mounted on Perspex; fresh flowers from Charleston Garden.

Location: Attic studio of Vanessa Bell, Charleston, East Sussex, UK

Client: Charleston Trust, East Sussex, UK

Curators: Darren Clarke, Nathaniel Hepburn.

Title: Absent Artists

Date: 2022

Description: Exhibition and installation curated and designed by Langlands & Bell with artworks from the ‘Artists at Work‘ collection of Katrin Bellinger depicting artists studios without the artist present. The artworks selected by Langlands & Bell were installed on and around ‘Serpentine‘ an ‘S’ shaped ‘line of beauty’ wall designed by the artists.

Materials: MDF, Water soluble emulsion paint. Dimensions: 2.2m x 8m x 1.7m.

Location: South Gallery, Charleston, East Sussex, UK.

Client: Charleston Trust, East Sussex, UK.

Curators: Langlands & Bell, Nathaniel Hepburn.

Title: Beauty < Immortality

Date: 2016

Description: Permanent installation, memorial to Frank Pick, visionary first CEO of London Transport.

Materials: Travertine marble, bronze, vitreous enamel on steel, LEDs and associated electrics.

Location: Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, London.

Client: Transport for London.

Curators: Art on the Underground, London Transport Museum.

Art consultant: Ann Elliott.

Title: Call & Response (Le Réponse)

Date: 2012

Description: Architectural installation, interactive Metro entrances for the Paris Metro / T3 Tramway interchange.

Materials: Fritted low iron glass, intelligent LEDs and associated electronics, stainless steel.

Location: Porte de Vincennes, Paris, France.

Client: City of Paris / RATP.

Artistic Director; Christian Bernard (MAMCO, Geneva); Curator: Natalie Viot, (Ville de Paris).

Associate engineers / designers : AR Theme Associées; Xelis, Paris.

Title: Spiral Galaxy

Date: 2012

Description: Unique sculpture.

Materials: Digitally controlled neon and associated electronics on aluminium panel.

Location: Caves de Veuve Clicquot, Rheims, France.

Client: Veuve Clicquot, (MHCS) Epernay, France.

Title: Question?

Date: 2012

Description: Two part sculpture, installation.

Materials: part 1: White Estremoz marble, Nero Absoluto black granite; part 2: steel panel, intelligent LEDs and associated electronics, artist’s data programme.

Location: University Campus Suffolk, Ipswich, UK.

Client: UCS (University Campus Suffolk).

Art consultant: Commissions East.

Title: Kendrew’s MIlestone

Date: 2011

Description: Memorial to Micro-biologist and Nobel Prize winner Sir John Kendrew.

Materials: Carrara marble, lead inlay, resin inlay, stainless steel.

Location: St John’s College, Oxford, UK.

Client: St John’s College, Oxford.

Art consultant: Modus Operandi, London.

Building Architect: MacCormack Jamieson Pritchard (MJP), London.

Title: Language of Places (China)

Date: 2009

Description: Wall painting, 4.6 m x 18 m.

Materials: Watersoluble house paint

Location: Tang Contemporary, 798, Beijing, China.

Client: Tang Contemporary.

Curator: Katie Hill.

Title: Moving World (Night & Day)

Date: 2008

Materials: Digitally controlled neon and associated electronics, glass, granite, stainless steel.

Location: Terminal 5, London Heathrow Airport, UK.

Client: BAA (British Airports Authority).

Art consultant: Contemporary Art Society, London.

Building Architect: Rogers, Stirk, Harbour & Partners (Richard Rogers Partnership), London.

Title: Virtual World

Date: 2008

Materials: Digitally controlled neon and associated electronics on aluminium panel.

Location: New Street Square, London, UK.

Client: Land Securities.

Art consultant: Art Source.

Building Architect: Bennetts Associates, London.

Title: Folkestone : Boulogne, A Blind Date

Date: 2008

Description: Film commissioned for the Folkestone Triennial.

Materials: Video (archived on DVD). Colour, sound. 19 mins, 25secs.

Client: The Creative Foundation for the Folkestone Triennial.

Curator: Andrea Schlieker.

Title: Schroders Coda

Date: 2007

Description: Sculpture.

Materials: intelligent LEDs and associated electronics, mirror stainless steel.

Location: Schroders, Gresham Street Headquarters, City of London, UK.

Client: Schroders Investment Management.

Art consultant: Tempest Radford.

Title: Superactive i2i

Date: 2007

Description, Remote hosted virtual world enabling multiple user online interaction and communication.

Location: Somerset House, London.

Engineers: Inventive Partners, AMT 3D.

Client: Somerset House Trust, London.

Curator: Somerset House, London.

Title: Domain

Date: 2006

Description, Sculpture.

Materials: Portland Stone.

Location: Canon’s Marsh, Bristol, UK.

Client: Bristol Harbourside.

Curator: Tim Knowles.

Title: Opening Sky

Date: 2006

Materials: Digitally controlled neon and associated electronics mounted on wall.

Location: Dulles Jet Center, Washington Dulles International Airport, USA.

Client: General Dynamics.

Art consultant: Lisa Austin Associates, Washington DC.

Title: Eclipse

Date: 2005

Materials: Wood, steel, lacquer.

Location: Bloomberg, Lexington Avenue Headquarters, New York, USA.

Client: Bloomberg Financial News.

Curator: New York Public Art Fund.

(For images of Eclipse 2005 see Eclipse 1998 (a related work, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds).

Title: Domain

Date: 2005

Description: Temporary wall painting, 5.56m x 15.53m.

Materials: Water-soluble house paint.

Location: Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes UK.

Curator: Michael Stanley.

Title: Plunged in a Stream

Date: 2005

Description, Locally hosted and networked virtual world enabling multiple user interaction.

Location: Site Archéologique du Coudenberg, Ancien Palais de Bruxelles / Archeologische Site van de Coudenberg, Voormalig Paleis van Brussel. Belgium.

Engineers: BT Media Lab, Martlesham, Suffolk, UK.

Client: BT Group.

Art consultant: Future City, London.

Title: Language of Places (Eurostar)

Date: 2004

Materials, Vinyl decal on Eurostar powercar.

Description: Bespoke Eurostar livery to mark the !0th anniversary of Eurostar services.

Location: River Thames, London.

Client: Eurostar.

Art consultant: Preston Howard, London.

Title: Reawakening

Date: 2004

Description: Permanent site specific installation and temporary wall painting.

Materials, Mirror laminated toughened glass, and water-soluble house paint.

Location: Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland, UK.

Client: Mount Stuart Trust.

Curator: Sophie Crichton-Stuart.

Title: Paddington Basin Bridge

Date: 2004

Materials, Fritted low iron glass, steel, aluminium ramp & deck, electric lift.

Location: Paddington Basin, London, UK.

Structural Engineers: Atelier One, London.

Client: Paddington Development Corporation.

Curator: Public Art Development Trust, London.

Title: Opening / Capture

Date: 2003

Materials: Portland stone.

Location: Regents Place, Euston Road, London, UK.

Client: British Land.

Curator: Andrea Schlieker, London.

Title: The House of Osama bin Laden (Trilogy)

Date: 2003

Materials: Interactive digital media & mixed media.

Location: Imperial War Museum, London + 20 international museums and galleries world-wide.

Client:  Imperial War Museum, London.

Curator: Dr Angela Weight.

Titles: Shell & Opening : Capture

Date: 2002

Description: Sculpture installation.

Materials: Wood, glass, lacquer.

Location: Dentsu Corporation Headquarters, Shiodome, Tokyo, Japan.

Client: Dentsu.

Art consultant: Art & Document & Art Dynamics, Tokyo.

Building Architect: Jean Nouvel, Paris.

(For images of Opening / Capture 2002 see Opening / Capture 1999 (a related work at BAC Yale).

Title: The Artist’s Studio

Date: 2002

Materials: Interactive digital media & mixed media.

Location: Petworth House, West Sussex, UK.

Client:  The National Trust , Pallant House Gallery.

Curator: Stefan van Raay.

Title: 111 Strand

Date: 2001

Description: Wall mounted low relief sculpture, permanent installation.

Materials: Portland stone.

Location: 111 Strand, London, UK

Client: City & West End Developments

Art consultant: Modus Operandi, London

Title: Volume

Date: 2000

Description: Temporary architectural installation.

Materials: Wood, paint.

Location: Volume!, Associazione Culturale, Rome, Italy.

Client: Volume! Associazione Culturale Francesco Nucci, Rome, Italy.

Curator: Mario Codognato.

Title: Space : Object

Date: 2000

Description: Sculpture (didtych).

Materials: Wood, glass, paint, lacquer.

Location: New British Embassy, Moscow, Russia.

Client: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Curator: UK Government Art Collection, London.

Building Architect: ABK, London.

Title: Moving World (Obayashi)

Date: 1999

Materials, Stainless steel, wood, lacquer, vinyl.

Location: Obayashi Headquarters, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Client: Obayashi Corporation.

Curator/art consultant: Nanjo Associates, Tokyo.

Title: Language of Places (Mind Zone)

Date: 1999

Materials: Digitally controlled neon mounted on fascia of building.

Location: Mind Zone, Millennium Dome, London.

Client: NMEC, London.

Art advisor: Doris Lockhart-Saatchi, Curator: NMEC.

Building Architect: Zaha Hadid, London, UK.

Title: Frozen Sky (CCA)

Date: 1997

Description: Temporary installation.

Materials: Acrylic foam-core laminate.

Location: CCA Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, Japan.

Curator:  CCA Kitakyushu.

Title: Logo Structure

Date: 1997

Materials: Wood, glass, paint, lacquer.

Location: Fuji Television Network headquarters, Daiba, Tokyo.

Client: Fuji Television.

Curator/art consultant: Art & Document, Tokyo.

Building Architect: Kenzo Tange, Tokyo, Japan.

Title: Fifty Cities

Date: 1997

Materials: Portland Stone.

Dimensions:L 45cm x 600cm.

Location: Cass Sculpture Foundation, West Sussex, UK.

Client: Cass Sculpture Foundation.

Curator Ann Elliott.